13 Women Who Slayed Instagram This Week


imagesHappy PHAT Girl Friday,  divas!!!  Although I am drained, I could not let the day pass without a salute.  All day, every day I pursue the things that I am passionate about, one of those things is style.  Yeah, I know that a lot of you are into fashion and I guess I am too but,

“Fashion is nothing without style”

Style is what gives life to fashion.  Unless you only wear designer originals that are created once, you will find that you share fashion.  You may step out and see someone with the same dress and the same party but the way you slay is what will set you apart.  Style is your fashion finger print, it is unique and exclusive to you.  images (1)

While I was on Instagram getting my stroll on, I came across many women that were serving up major slayage this week so I decided to share. Tell me what you think.


Tiffany James, Educator                                                                                                          I love the mixture of pattens and custom turban.  Not to mention I am a huge fan of the black lip…… #SWOON                                                                                                          *** I added Tiffany in the midst of proofing this post, but she deserved it***



Dawn Richard, Performer                                                                                                     Posing for Bullett Magazine.  Those  bell bottom pants tho…….. #SWOON



Newhipsterstyle                                                                                                                  Nothing like distressed denim, head to toe……… #excellence




Thera_cloud14                                                                                                                        A simple look can make a major statement…… #swoon




Loudpaint styled to designer Geekjunky.                                                                         Now this is a signature piece.












Iamnikkifree                                                                                                                         Not everyone can pull this harem jumper off but she did it!!!




Misslionhunter                                                                                                                   Dare to be different, a tutu paired with denim…..





Garnerstyle                                                                                                                           All white everything!!!!










Untitled design (1)Today, PHAT GIRL FRESH  officially turns two!!!  Yeah, I know that it is 4/20 and the stoners could care less but I am excited and I thank God for this amazing journey.  The entire month of April I have been hosting contest and having guest bloggers in preparation for this very day while preparing for the actual anniversary event on May 2, 2015.  

Although I have been writing since I was a girl, have wrote for many publications and started blogging years ago, PHAT GIRL FRESH and this anniversary is very important to me.  In this two year time frame while rebuilding my life, I committed to living my dream.  Starting the blog and the t-shirt line was one of the greatest leaps of faith i have ever taken.  Now I know some people may say, “what is so hard about starting a blog?”  Well when you are fresh off a battle with breast cancer, the doctors have diagnosed you with Keratoconus and are surrounded by naysayer, it is a huge leap.  Since I am no stranger to the struggle, I know exactly how to meet and greet adversity; with a smile!!!

In these two years, I learned something vital about people and life that showed me who I didn’t want.  I learned the hard way that people appreciate you more when they feel that you are beneath them.  For years I helped people live their dreams, worked for free and set at the kidding table, the entire time I did this, they were comfortable.  However, the moment I stepped out on my own, I became a problem.  To them I was doing “the most” but to me, I was doing what God told me to do.  Who knew that me minding my own business, doing me and wanting to help others would cause me to be talked about and disliked by so many people. What hurt was that some of these people I looked up to.  However, even in the midst of the shade, doors being closed in my face and side eyes, I was appreciative.  Those moments taught me what it really means to be PHAT(passionate, happy, appreciative and true).  wpid-img_7344788958317.jpeg

PASSIONATE– I am passionate about helping other women and girls. I never want to be in possession of any thing that a woman or girl needs that I can’t share, especially knowledge.

HAPPY– I am happy with the woman I see in the mirror; I know that i am a good mother, daughter, friend and person.  While me nor my life are perfect, I embrace wholeheartedly the woman that I am.

APPRECIATIVE– I appreciate for every moment that God has allowed me to have because I know it could have been different.  I have lived through situations that could have left me dead physically or emotionally but I am still here. I thank God for my past, present and future, most of all I welcome His Will in my life no matter what that means.

TRUE– I am true to myself and others at all times. I make it a habit of being consistent with others because that is what I want in return.  I am an open book and share what I can with other women because I want to see them fly.  I know what it feels like to have your wings clipped and you feathers plucked and I never want to do that to someone else.

I am thankful that i have had the pleasure of connecting with so many women and that I have been able to be of service.  It makes me happy to know that in creating this blog, I begin to build a brand that serves as a  bridge, that connects women and girls that may not have ever known of one another the chance to do so. Moving forward, as I evolve, I will continue to stay true to what PHAT GIRL FRESH is all about while spreading and living the message that “QUEENS CONNECT, NOT COLLIDE!” 

FFFWeek Releases An All-Star Line Up Of Models For 2015 Runway Shows


10404227_10203213028422654_3772389353366312155_nThe turn up is so real!!!!! Full Figured Fashion Week released the names and photos of it’s 2015 runway models today.  When I tell you that casting director Sharon Quinn really raised the bar, believe it.  As they begin  posting the photos, all I could say was, “da#mn, you turned the heat up.”  It is obvious that the event is back in a major way.sharonbiopicfeb08-21

Last year Gwen DeVoe announced that Full Figured Fashion Week was coming to an end as she prepared to pursue new ventures.  People came from around the world to bid this ground breaking event farewell.  However, shortly after; divine intervention begin to transpire. Many people have said that it was just a publicity stunt but Gwen says, God told her it was not time.  One thing I know about God, when it is His Will,  He makes a way.  And so… He made a way.  Full Figured Fashion Week is back with a new sponsor; Fruit of the Loom, Fit For Me, an amazing team and major upgrades and additions to what is an already fabulous event.11004778_10153149536933179_1880116861_n

With each day, the anticipation of the event grows greater in the curvy community.  We are all eager to descend on the big apple for an event that is the Oscar’s of the plus size industry.  This is why the announcement of the models is so exciting to us all.

Each year Gwen and Sharon travel the states and Canada in search of models that will not only represent the FFFWeek brand but exhibit the designers clothing in the best way.  Women travel and sacrifice to be in attendance at one of the casting locations during the tour.  Then Sharon is given the hard job of narrowing the ladies down.  I honestly don’t know how they do it but they do.  Attending the casting is a brave step, making it to the infamous wall is a honor and participating in the show is a privilege. Each year the models represent the best of the best but this year they have really out done themselves.  In staying true to the statement that this year would be bigger and better than ever, they have a diverse group of beautiful curvy models that include both FFFWeek alumni and newbies.   Below, you will find the 2015 Full Figured Fashion Week Runway Models!!!


Amber Coyne

Amber Coyne


Ariana Corrao

Ariana Corrao


Ashlea Alece

Ashlea Alece

Ashlea Alece

Ashlee McClenton



Brittany Cordts Plus Model



Candice Kelly




Catherine Norman


Chearice Vaughn

Chearice Vaughn



Christina Mendez



Cne’ Rhymes



Daly Contreras



Mladenka Obradovic


Iam Misspinky

Liz Shar

Liz Shar


Emma Newsom


Erica Patrice


Eugénie Dulot



Jade Allwaze


Jasmyne Im-JusMe Tudor


Jonquil Newland

Jonquil Newland


Kaity Wuebbolt



Kanita Steadmon


Karyn I

Karyn Inder


Kimberly Dixon




LaTonia Robinson



Lene Pelayo



Lindsey PlusModel Owens



Liris Crosse


Melissa Henrius

Melissa Henrius



Michelle Rudan



Mocha-Plus Model


Morgan Whitney



Mumbi Watson



Nedra Phillips



Plus Model Noel


Norva’michelle Williams




Priscilla Katerena



Sarah Taylor



Sarah PlusModel Whitney


Sasha Jenkins


Plus Model Selam Tewelde



Shalon Dozier


Ronnie Howard



Shnai Arias


Summer Nicole




Tanya Garris


Teagan Rivera



Telethia Penn


Tierra Sedgemore


Vanessa Mays-Hinds



Wema Enofe


Xen DuMiel

Zuri Ashanti' J.

Zuri Ashanti’ J.