Six Bad Ass Plus Size Women Who Aspire To Inspire Other Women


Facebook Post (1)This morning prior to finding that it was Women’s Equality Day, I shared my morning motivation post.  Oddly enough, it spoke to women’s equality in an important way.  Both the quote and my additional caption made feminist statements that were intended to push women forward.

While there is great work to be done amongst both genders, it is important that women work to empower one another….FIRST.  As African American women, as Caucasian women, as plus size women and any other community of women; we have a responsibility to one another.  We should all aspire to inspire another woman or girl to be great and contribute Queen Shit to the world.

Because I am all about girl power and celebrating great women, I wanted share with you women who you should know and follow because not only are they doing great things but they are promoting  greatness. They are bold women who are not afraid to kick ass and take names and the encourage other women to do the same.  

  1. Ty Alexander is known for her beauty and lifestyle savvy, but adored because of her gorgeous grey tresses, Ty Alexander is an expert online beauty and lifestyle editor, social media consultant and style and beauty TV correspondent.

2. Marie Denee is a plus size fashion, style expert, and blogger. Marie has over 13 years of various experience and knowledge in the fashion industry which she uses to empower and educate other women.

3.  Pia Schiavo-Campo is a body lovin, rogue size acceptance activist, writer, foodie, feminist,plus model, mixed fat chick and cultivator of all things creative. It is Pia’s desire to take you with her on her journey toward self-acceptance and fully expressing my gifts in spite of my size, gender, race and age; In hopes of to inspire you to do the same.


4.  Alysse Dalessandro is a writer, editor and owner/designer for body positive fashion brand Ready to Stare. Alysse writes with  hopes her writing resonates with the same people that she designs for: those who believe in following their passion, loving themselves and inspiring others to do the same.

5. Megan Kimberling is a body positive plus size model who encourages women to love the skin that they are in.

6. Shaina Harrison is a teacher, advocate, blogger and stylist who coined the hashtag #fatgirlsbewinning.  You uses her education and life experience to empower women to be bold and their best in what she calls, “THE BRAVE SPACE”.  

Don't humble yourself into insecurities. #thebravespace #fatgirlsbewinning

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9 Instagram Post That Gave Me Life And Had Me Ready To Take Over The World


  It is no secret that I live for a moment when a woman is living life and inspiring other women.  Nothing adds to the queendom like a bad ass who is unbothered by adversity.  Although many of us are Passionate (about life), Happy (with who we are), Appreciative (for our blessing) and True (to ourselves and others); we find that we need to be encouraged at times.

I am always patrolling the internet and social media for encouraging and inspirational women because we (women) should all be one and we should all know one.  In an effort to connect you with women who are inspiring others, I want to share some post that helped me get my life this week.

  1.  Many times we get in our own way by thing negatively.  Don’t eat the poison that society has cooked up to kill your spirit. Yes, NikitaWhite_Plus!!nakitawhite_plus2. CamoCountryy19…… The caption says it all!!! Camocountryy193.  I say this all the time, especially with the women trying so hard to be models, the world doesn’t deserve to see your every nook and cranny.  Stop allowing yourself to be sexualized, there is so much more to you.  Namaste YogaWithDavina!!Yogawithdavina

4.  Not to take away from #3 but there are some days when you just feel so damn sexy!!!  WERK Glitterandlazers!! glitterandlazers

5.  #BlackGirlsRock….. Yes, ValerieMGardner keep shitting on stereotypes!!


6.  Pretty is as pretty does……. Right TiannaLeigh131tiannaleigh131

7.  “But one of the best gifts I ever gave myself was finally loving myself in all my glory.”   January_Harshe


8.  No matter what the world say’s a queen should always see the jewel in her crown. BayGodMoney, you are right, “Our hair is our representation to the 🌎.”baygodmoney


9.  SAY THAT MissDivaKurves…….SET THE WORLD ON FIRE!!MissDivaKurves



Lipstick Love: How Magnolia Makeup Gave Me All My Damn Life!

Hey PHAT Girls, happy Saturday! I hope you are getting into your weekend in a major way.

A couple of weeks ago on Periscope, my girl Ty Alexander of Gorgeous In Grey was rocking one of the baddest lippies I have seen in a while. After inquiries from several “Scopers”, she shared with us that she got in while at Essence Music Festival in New Orleans and that it was made by Magnolia Makeup.   

Magnolia Makeup, based out of New Orleans, Louisiana, is a company devoted to color. Magnolia Makeup is known for highly pigmented products. 

We want to continuously supply our customers with quality, fun makeup for any occasion. We are trying to fill a void in the cosmetic industry and our tool is the spectrum.

Of course you know I immediately went into research mode and was pleased with what I found. The colors and photos had my attention for sure. From that point on I begin plotting my purchases.

I later found out that they would be present at the TCFStyle Expo and would be hosting the TCFBeauty Lounge. Yes honey, I would have a chance to get up close and personal with the product instead of rolling the dice!!!  

I tried “BAM (which is my next purchase)” and made two purchases while at the expo. One of those purchases was “Eggplantish” which I love!!! I will share the other color soon than later but just know, I plan to own the entire collection.  

 Have you tried Magnolia Makeup? If so, do you like it?