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Atlanta, GeorgiaPHAT Girl Fresh will present Life Styled 2015, taking place at JS Venue Plus on May 2, 2015, and featuring Nu Purpose, Grande’ Poetess and a live presentation of The Confessions of a PHAT Girl.

PHAT Girl Fresh is proud to bring Life Styled to Atlanta, Georgia for 2nd consecutive year. Life Styled will commemorate the anniversary PHAT Girl Fresh (a brand that strives to educate and empower the female gender), while celebrating the lives of esteemed  honorees; Gwen DeVoe, Marie Leggette, Keke Simpson, Nedra Phillips, Rhonda Wilkins and Sparkle Hyche, all women who use their gifts to uplift women and girls.  In addition to honoring these amazing female leaders, PHAT Girl Fresh will acknowledge the partnership formed with Dress For Success Atlanta and Diva Day International.  Both of these organizations operate (in different capacities) to assist women with living their dreams and finding their purpose.  I am proud to have established relationship with both of them for the greater good of women and girls.


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The PHAT Girl Fresh presents Life Styled event will be hosted by the lovely Eboni “Miss Pinky” Bennet, a model, poet and host from Houston, Texas.  Our media sponsor Curvysta Magazine and it’s correspondent will kick off red carpet/cocktail hour at 5 o’clock p.m. Along with other media outlets I Hear That Girl and Single Moms 101, just to name a few.   Our guest will have the pleasure of mingling with honorees and V.I.P Shepreneurs like; Kiwi The Beauty, Lei- Loni Greenhow (Clothe Your Curves) and Nisha Glenn founder of Educated Girls Rock.  The show will begin at 6:15 p.m. and will fuse fashion, entertainment and empowerment for a night that you won’t soon forget.

While this year’s event will mimic the amazing sold out PHAT Girl Fresh presents Life Styled event of 2014, it will add a new and exciting twist as promised with every event.  Attendees of the event thoroughly enjoyed themselves with many stating that the event was “one of the best Atlanta has seen.”  In previous years, the event has honored; Liris Cross, Bo Talley, Shondia McFadden and Melinda Santiago, all inspirational women who exemplify PHAT (passionate, happy, appreciative and true). 


PHAT Girl Fresh a brand built on its founder Maui Bigelow’s desire to use her gifts to “cater to the souls of sisters”.  The PHAT Girl Fresh presents Life Styled event is an event that celebrates the lives of women while spreading the message that “QUEENS CONNECT, THEY DON’T COLLIDE”.  

Dear Britnay Blount; My Response to Bank Of America Consultant, refering to African American’s As Monkeys


11081336_1429089504056835_3693895759892466798_nDear Britnay Blount,  On behalf of the entire race of African Americans, I want you to know that we are not monkeys.  For years we were oppressed and treated like animals by society based on the color of our skin but we are not monkeys. Even today, we are not treated as a people equal to other races but we are not monkeys. We are a race (like any race) that have things that need to be changed but we are not monkeys.  We are a race of people who have people who act improperly( like every race) but we are not monkeys.

We are a race of chosen people created in God’s image.  Over time we have consistently produces greatness that the world has reaped the benefits of.  We are God fearing, We are strong and We are fearless people.  We work hard, harder than any other race (in my opinion) to prove that we are greater than what you say we are.  We are a people who have been bent to the breaking point but we stand before you united and unbroken.

As a parent, educator and citizen, I totally understand that emotions run high during certain situations and the fight that happened at Albany High was one of those times.  As a parent things like this anger me too but your ignorance wasn’t fueled by anger it was hate.  If you had simply made one comment, I could have passed it off as a slip of the tongue, maybe.  However, the fact that you continued for several comments is an indicator of something much greater.  While blacks being monkeys is not our truth, it revealed yours.  You my dear are an ignorant racist who chooses hate and ignorance over love.  You live your life hiding behind your desk and flashing that fake smile when your truth is that you wear an invisible white mask. In anger, there  are instances in which we say things we don’t mean and there are those moments where we expose who we really are; well I have to tell you honey……… YOUR SLIP IS SHOWING!!!

As a woman who prides herself on promoting love and growth within our gender, you embarrass me. As a person who chooses to see the growth that our country has made you discourage me.  As a Christian who chooses to love all man, you sadden me.  However, I know that my love for God and others is the only thing that will defeat the hate that lives in you.  Yes I am angry and the truth is the old me would have been eager to beat the hell out of you, but the woman that is writing this letter will love the hell out of you and most of all pray the hell out of you.  11071928_1429089424056843_9121289896634817099_n

Before You Put Yourself On Display, Remember Saartjie Baartman



I have toyed with this post for a couple of months now.  I was afraid of exactly how to deliver what I wanted to say.  I wanted to make sure that I didn’t offend anyone with my words, come off as jealous or judgmental. However, while in the midst of a heated debate, a friend reminded me of the truth in a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.;

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”




The debate that I was involved in was concerning the photo (shown above) that I posted with the question, “is this a bit much or is it just me.” Of course the response was split although the vast majority agreed that it was in poor taste. However in the midst of others commenting there was one man who argued in defense of the dress from every angle you can think of. He made such an argument in support of the dress that soon it turned to insult. He stated that women were “jealous ” because “we didn’t have the body,” and  that our thoughts are the reason “our men cheat”  he also “guaranteed” my man would agree with him.

Well of course me and the other jealous “fat girls” had plenty to say, especially since he seemed to be taking cheap shots. In the end, I must say that I am thankful for that ignorance because it (he) led me back to this post.

By nature, women and all of our 2000 parts ooze sexy, maybe some more than others but I think that we all have a little something something that draws another being to us.  Now, I am not saying that everyone will see your sexy, I am just saying that it is there to be appreciated.  As with most things, being sexy starts with you and is in the eyes of the beholder.  Sexy to some may be intelligence, to others it may be facial features,  while others may focus on the body. Truth is not every person may see it in you, and that should be fine with you because you won’t see it in every person either. To me, the trick is to not to take it too lightly nor too seriously because it is what it is.

Many women get lost in trying to be sexy or believing that their bodies define who they are in some manner.  Those are the women who make me sad because in a sense, it effects our entire gender.  These are the same women who degrade and devalue themselves by putting their bodies on display.  The sad truth is many women who do this are damaged in some way, they have at some point accepted or decided that their bodies were all that they had to offer the world.  Another sad truth is that these women have a platform, they are able to connect with our daughters.  Society has placed a stamp on them that make it OK to put themselves on display, this leads our younger girls to believe that it must be right.

. amber-rose
 I know that all of us have seen the post of women and girls putting themselves on display in person and via social media.   They prance around damn near nude everywhere they go(even at church), posting pictures that show more of their ass than their face and making comments that suggest their physical features are a greater asset than their intellectual.  How many women do we see on television and on the internet who are famous for nothing more than being fine, seen on sex tapes or because they are the girlfriend of ole boy? Amber Rose may be a model of some sorts but what is she most known for? Her ass and her relationships with famous men.  Kim Kardashian, although her family had a certain amount of wealth; found her celebrity status following a sex tape with Ray J  . These women and many others have influenced a generation of women and girls to think that having a fat ass trumps having class.  kim-kardashian-gq

Now please don’t get me wrong, I am in no way trying to shade anyone.  I applaud any woman who works hard to have the body that she desires and I love to see women who celebrate who they are and what they have.  However, since  March is  Woman’s History Month, I thought that it would be a good time and idea to educate others on one woman’s truth and pain about being “ON DISPLAY.”


I wonder how many women know the story of Saartjie Baartman, ?  I wonder if they could endure the shame and pain of being on display in a manner that was beyond their control. Being poked and paraded in the most inhumane way all because of her assets.

In 1810, Saartjie Baartman, was taken from Cape Town to London at the age of 20 and forced into slavery.  She was displayed naked in their streets and at their circuses like an animal. In 1814 she was taken to France, and became the subject of scientific and medical research that formed the bedrock of European ideas about black female sexuality. She died the next year. But even after her death,Saartjie Baartman remained an object of imperialist scientific investigation. In the name of Science, her sexual organs and brain were displayed in the Musee de l’Homme in Paris until as recently as 1985.Sawtche_(dite_Sarah_Saartjie_Baartman),_étudiée_comme_Femme_de_race_Bôchismann,_Histoire_Naturelle_des_Mammifères,_tome_II,_Cuvier,_Werner,_de_Lasteyrie

Saartjie, also known as “The Hottentot Venus” in British culture was a woman who’s story deserves to be repeat within the female gender.  Her story is one of pain and humiliation, most of all it is one that  should provoke thought among those who idealize the vixen lifestyle.