Happy Thanksgiving!

Before I dive into the great food we are eating today or hit up any of the Black Friday sales, I want to share.

The entire week due to Thanksgiving Day, the question has continuously been asked, “what are you thankful for?” Honestly, you would miss all of your Thanksgiving festivities if I shared everything that I am thankful for. I can truthfully say that God has blessed me with so much, not just with things but with wisdom and people (including most of you).

Daughter and son of Maui Bigelow of PHAT Girl Fresh

Aside from the obvious being life, I am most thankful for my children. I thank God daily for blessing me with two amazing children. I feel so honored  to wear the title of mother and I do not take it lightly at all. Everyday, I ask God to guide me in order to assure that I give my children what every parent should give their children; roots to grow and wings to soar.

While today is Thanksgiving, it is extra special because on this day 13 years ago; God blessed me with a beautiful baby girl. Yes!!! Today is my mini me Daja’s birthday. She is officially a teenager and while I have great anxiety about her growing up, I look forward to it.

Daja, Daughter of Maui Bigelow of PHAT Girl Fresh Motherhood  opened my eyes to a lot and I have amazing connections with both my children; however having Daja as my daughter rocks my world. She is so strong and bold, she flaunts so many of my characteristics. The great thing about Daja is that I see in her now what it took me many years to become.

It is my belief that as women, we are responsible for the uplift of our sisters (women) and daughters (girls). It warms my heart to encourage and empower women but to share these moments with my own daughter is amazing. I say share because it has not just been me feeding her soul, she has fed mine too. I have been down and this young soul has encouraged me with words you would expect from a seasoned woman.

Maui of PHAT Girl Fresh and daughter Daja! So to make what could be the longest post ever short… Help me wish my daughter Daja👑 a Happy Glow Day and pray that her light never dims.

And to you and your family, I wish you peace and blessings.

Vintage By Nakimuli

Hey ladies, happy Monday!

Vintage By NakimuliToday I want to share with you an area of fashion that I love; vintage. Yes, I live for a unique piece that I can make my own. No matter if it is clothing, shoes or accessories, you can’t lose with a great vintage piece.

Initially this post was supposed to be a little different, I was going to share with you the new vintage pieces that Nakimuli had in stock. However, over the weekend most of the pieces sold out. So I canceled my post in an effort to revamp it and still share the looks that were available. Nakimuli

Although the pieces are sold out, I want to encourage all of my vintage loving ladies to follow Nakimuli on social media so that you will know in real time when there is new inventory because clearly you can’t even wait a day or two. LOL!!!

Yes, the merchandise is just that hot! Nakimuli’s designer Tennille McMillian is known for very original and oh so funky designs. She has no fear when it comes to patterns, textures or sizes. She never hesitates to cater to the curvy girls in the same manner that she does other women. With all of this in mind, I am not shocked that she goes out of her way to assure that her vintage merchandise is on the same level. But… Don’t just take my word for it, you be the judge.


So, what do you think? Which pieces would you rock? For me, I would have to say… ALL! CHIME IN LADIES!



9 Inspirations I found While Searching The #QueenShit Hashtag On Instagram

Hey Ladies! Happy Friday!

Maui Bigelow of PHAT Girl FreshI know I tell you all the time but i will say it again, I love me some social media. It provides me with an abundance of inspiration and some good laughs too. Through social media, I have had the opportunity network and engage in conversations with some amazing women who like me, believe in promoting queen shit.

While I didn’t create it, one of my favorite instagram hashtags is #queenshit. I use it often but many times I search it for inspiration and great photos of beautiful brown women. Like most hashtags, you have to stroll pass the bullshit but I have found there are some really amazing women who like me, know and believe in the power of queen shit.

In my opinion, queen shit is just like girl power but more grown womanish (yeah, that is in the Maui dictionary of made up words). Queen shit is about a woman’s ability to do exactly what she wants as long as she isn’t intentionally negatively affecting anyone else (I said intentionally because we can not control your feelings). It is a woman’s ability to be bold and make moves that others wouldn’t or couldn’t make. Doing queen shit doesn’t mean that a woman is perfect but she owns who she is… Flaws and all (in my Beyoncé voice, of course). A woman who does queen shit doesn’t feel insecure or bothered by other women and she will not hesitate to help her sisters in any way she can. She knows the value of uplifting other women and that there is room for all of us to be great.

Today I want to share some of the inspiration I have found from other women using the #queenshit hashtag. Maybe you will be just as inspired as I am.

  1. I live for a moment when a woman is bold enough to look adversity in the eye and decide to be great anyway. 
  2. I love this because it is so important that we never lose sight of the crown, not the literal crown but all of the great components that make you… QUEEN!
  3. Sometimes we have to realize that falling back and falling off are totally different.
  4. Every damsel is not in distress… We know how to handle shit on our own. 
  5. The strength of a a queen is infinite!
  6. A queen knows that finding peace and bringing order to one’s life is vital.

    Find your peace of mind your soul depends on it❤️❤️ #GetYourLife

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  7. No matter where it ends, queen shit starts with you!
  8. I know some make it look effortless but… It isn’t!

    "Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown…" – Shakespeare #BalancingAct #FewAreChosen #QueenShit

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  9. What’s a bad bitch compared to a queen…NOTHING! Time for some of you ladies to find your crowns, polish them up and properly place them.

What are some of your favorite social media hashtags? When you are strolling and patrolling “the net” where do you find inspiration? Chime in ladies!